About Founder

Mr. Deep Kapadia

Prof. Deep Kapadia , famously associated with Vedic Mathematics is born on 21st May 1979.
Proprietor and Owner of BRAINGIN Academy.
His journey of fame begins from age of three when Chitralekha in 1983 covered his rebirth fact.
Further research was carried on him by para-psychologists like Dr. Ramakant Keni, Dr. Banerjee and Dr. Ian Stevenson from Virginia University, USA who later wrote a book on him “Children who remember their previous lives” As a college student he got opportunity to be a reporter for “Illustrated College Weekly” and was associated with Avinash Dharmadhikari’s “Chanakya Mandal” and through which he got opportunity to visit Punjab and to understand Punjab’s burning issues. In year 2000 he completed his B.A. with philosophy and he is recipient of Dr. Mudgal prize.
He has great interest in dramatics and done various caricatures of philosopher and acted in various dramas and his landmark darma is a Sanskrit drama “Prabodhachandrodayam” - A Spiritual Awakening at National Seminar Philosophy. In 2002, he completed his M.A. in Philosophy from Mumbai University.
As a professor he is attached to number of colleges like Padamashree Dr. D.Y Patil college, MCT Law college and he is visiting faculty in number of law colleges in Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. He is currently member ICPR, Akhil Bhartiya Darshan Parishad and he is member of syllabus setting committee of BLS L.L.B.

ISMCC is not the only pebble on beach as he has published a book in Braille for visually impaired children for whom abstract subject like mathematics is not only difficult but next to impossible. Prof. Deep Kapadia won award for outstanding work in Braille Literacy for the same in Year 2004. One more feather in his cap as recently he has been recently designated on advisory board of 150 old Institution from Ajmer.

About Trust:

To reach people you should have right way and right kind of back up so this gave rise to an idea of “Jijnasu trust” where Jijnasu means “an inquisitive towards everything”. A trust with a mission and a trust with passion to impart knowledge in possible way it can. Jijnasu trust believes in generating its own funds rather than depending on charity. It is successfully conducting programmes

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